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NEW and IMPROVED durability

  • 20 cooling pieces required per product
  • Replaceable for easy transfer between headband, visor and cap
  • Comes in 10-pack and 20-pack



  • The cooling pieces are made of a highly thermally conductive graphite with a hydrophilic coating that optimizes the uptake and evaporation of the water that powers the cooling effect.
    When water or sweat evaporates it absorbs energy. In humans, this evaporation happens on the surface of the skin where it absorbs heat and cools the body.
    The cooling amplification effect of the Omius technology comes from the graphite becoming an extension of the skin and increasing the surface area where water can evaporate and thus produce a cooling effect.
    Water is absorbed into the porous graphite where it has about 5x the amount of surface area for evaporation. The transformation of water from a liquid to a gas on these surfaces absorbs energy and the technology pulls this energy from the skin that is in touch with the inside of the graphite cooling pieces thus cooling the skin.
    Because the cooling effect is driven by water evaporation the effect will continue forever as long as the cooling pieces are wet and have airflow across them.
    The cooling pieces are sold either as a bundle with the form factor or separately in 10-pack and 20-pack sizes. Cooling pieces can easily be moved between the form factors

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