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Picture Gustavo


The Omius story started in 2013, when Gustavo Cadena was studying in Monterrey, Mexico. He was overheating due to the extreme hot conditions in the city and started to look at his research as an opportunity to address his thermal discomfort.

He realized that clothing was not doing a great job at regulating his body temperature because textiles are thermal insulators. The absence of them is what actually cools the body, as demonstrated by the coolest fabrics in the market, which are thinner and with bigger holes. This obviously has a limit!

After countless hours of building prototypes involving thermoelectric modules, a soft robotic jacket and a motorcycle jacket with air conditioner, he finally found (what he thinks is) the most efficient way of cooling the human body. He developed a material specially designed to cool the human skin, by acting as a heat sink and imitating the way we currently cool machines like computers or engines.

The Omius headgear is the first step in applying this new technology. More applications are on their way, following our mission to help humans adapt to an increasingly warmer planet.

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